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This is a private members only group. Only members approved by Kei are permitted in this group. This forum is created for Women with Vision. This is a private forum where we can come together and grow and learn from each other. A sisterhood. Every one posses something that some one else does not. We are greater together. This is a safe space for us to discuss business, personal life, and all things women. Everyone is this group MUST be a woman and business owner. You must be able to add some value to every members life. You must own a business because we must be able to exchange valuable information with each other. Rules are strictly enforced. Anyone caught breaking rules will be immediately removed from the group.


  1. What happens inside this group stays inside this group

  2. Negativity, Shadyness, or Gossip will not be tolerated

  3. Must be active in group (quiet members will be removed)

  4. Must bring value

  5. Be helpful

  6. Share knowledge

  7. Must be in the Private Facebook Group

Code of Conduct: Text
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